Grand Chapter of Tennessee Order of The Eastern Star

2021 Grand Chapter Program


"Love, Hope and Light Anchors The Soul"




Anchored Together, Doing Great Things




With God as our Anchor, We can make our Order of the Eastern Star a "Shining Light" of Hope, Love and Faith. Making a difference in our daily lives for the world to see our Anchor is Steadfast and Sure!







Making Friendship and Love our Anchors


Foremost Objectives:





The Worthy Grand Matron feels by giving Generously and Joyfully, "WE" can make a difference.


"Our Youth are the Future of Tomorrow"


"Shoes For Kids"

Work with the Scottish Rite Shoe Program in your area.

"And other Scottish Rite Charities''




With your Time and Monetary Gifts provide shoes for kids in your area. Work with any organization in your area that provides for kids.








The Honor Award will be given to those chapters who strive to attain the ideals of our Order. We encourage every chapter to participate by exemplifying the work of the Order. Please familiarize yourself with Chapter 21 of the Constitution and Code of laws that explains the duties of subordinate chapters. To qualify, a chapter must complete a total of ten (10) related activities from the list below.

*These activities must include the ones marked by the asterisks (**)

**We encourage monetary donations to Youth Scholarship  and

Scottish Rite Charities



*We encourage the collection of "TABS" for Shriners Hospitals to be one of the

ten activities.

*Assign a prompter who has the only Ritual open during the meeting.


**NO part of the Ritual is to be copied (page 165 in Ritual)

**Exemplify the initiatory work, Mock or Real two (2) times during the year.


* Worthy Patron to work with the officers on proficiency of the work.

* Members are to attend a practice with Grand Instructor.

* Consider having a designated practice time other than stated meeting nights.

* Encourage 100% Officers attendance at the School of Instruction



**Provide the following education programs during the year: 2 from the Ritual; 2 from the Constitution and Code of Laws; 2 from the Book of Instruction, 1 from Chapter By-Laws and 1 on the Secretary's Inspection sheet that is checked by the Official Visitor.

**Renew the Obligation two (2) times during the year.


* Eastern Star Journal - Each chapter consider having at least one {1) article submitted annually.

* Youth - Honor and Support Rainbow and DeMolay. If you do not have one in your area consider making monetary donations, ads in their program book, etc.





* Begin counting as of March 1, 2020 and end February 28, 2021.

* Appoint a chairman in your chapter.

* One visit for each chapter Installation of Officers you attend.

* One visit for each chapter special, stated or called meeting including your own chapter meetings.

* One visit for each day attending Grand Chapter (up to 4). You may count other Grand Chapters attended.

* One visit for each meeting you attend for Grand Representatives, Past Matrons/Past Patrons, Line Officers and Section Luncheons.

* One visit for each practice with Grand Instructor.

* One visit for each official visit you attend. Joint meetings count as two visits.

* One visit for attending Rainbow Assembly and/or DeMolay Conclave (up to 2 each).

* One visit for each Masonic District Meeting you attend.

* Members will receive a pin upon reaching twenty-five {25) visits.



Award will be given to the individual with the most visits.

Award will be given to the Chapter with less than 100 members with the most visits.

Award will be given to the Chapter with 100 members or more with the most visits.

Grand Officers, Past Grand Matrons, Past Grand Patrons and "The Nautical Stars" (trailers) are not eligible for their individual awards. Their visits will count toward Chapter Awards.








* Appoint a chairman in your chapter.

* Contact shut-ins with phone calls, cards, visits, etc.

* Remember those on our Eastern Star Maintenance throughout the year with cards and with small gifts.

* Perform service in the community, not limited to only Eastern Star members.

* Do something related to any age group, i.e., food banks, nursing homes, schools, children's homes, youth organizations.

* Invite inactive members to participate in Chapter activities.

* Greet and welcome guests and new members.






* Appoint a chairman in your chapter

* Collect "TABS" for Shriner's Hospital (get TABS to Worthy Grand Matron)

* Provide education on two (2) Health related issues.

* Provide bottle water to Emergency Medical Services - First Responders (Police Departments, Fire Departments, Rescue Squad, etc.)

* Provide snacks, books, etc. to hospital waiting room, treatment centers, or blood drives.

* Donate travel size personal hygiene items for families staying away from home to Ronald McDonald Houses, etc.

* Support Shriners Hospitals for Children.

* When possible, identify items as being "Donated by the Order of the Eastern Star."






* Appoint a chairman in your chapter.

* Support Rainbow and DeMolay.

* Support schools with supplies or money.







* Appoint a Chairman in your chapter.

* Strive to strengthen relationships with all Masonic Bodies.

* Honor the Masons in some way during the year (i.e., provide food, refreshments, assist in fund raisers, etc.)

* Strive to attend a District meeting.






* Appoint a chairman in your chapter.

* Share the secretary's checklist with members.

* Strive to have the chapter achieve the requirements for the Honor Award.

* Make contact with all chapter members, providing information about meetings, projects and activities.

* Consider having an orientation session for new members to discuss our Calendar Book, Book of Instruction, Ritual and Constitution and Code of Laws.

* Share your knowledge/experience. Others may not know what you know.

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